Steven Buehler

Late-40-something (going on 12). Data, chart, Harry Potter™, and theme park addict.

Random Stuff About Me.

Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing here…

I’m constantly thinking about the intersections of faith, technology, creativity, relationships, and personal experience. Often all of them at the same time. I keep getting told I should write a book, but I can never sit still in the same place long enough to do so, and I am far from qualified academically to do so. My original intention was to become a pastor-teacher, and it’s what I studied to do; but life had very different plans, perhaps for my benefit.

The day I was born was the same day the Apollo 16 astronauts ended their stay on the surface of the moon. I have their mission patch on my bulletin board for inspiration.

I am neurodivergent (Asperger Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and Arrested Development Disorder, and a little bit of OCD). Around the right people, though, I can be a force to be reckoned with. I’m a kid trapped in the body of a late-forty-something.

I was bullied daily—physically and verbally—from the second grade through the end of high school. I am still affected by it. I intentionally flunked a semester of P.E. in high school because of it.

Born and raised in Santa Ana, California; moved to Florida in 2000 for love and marriage (and now I’m stuck here, but it’s grown on me).

First marriage: 9½ years, one adopted son. Dumped and divorced. I pay child support but do not have any visitation (my choice; didn’t want a child to end up a pawn). The ex and I remain on friendly terms but rarely correspond.

Second marriage: My junior-high crush. 3½ years until she quite literally and unexpectedly dropped dead. So add “widower” and “very, very lonely” to “divorced”.

I am a nerd, by the most literal sense of the term. I am in front of a computer screen almost every waking hour (somebody take me out, please!). Think Sheldon Cooper, but far less of an a**hole.

I work from home full-time in a data analysis/reporting job. My immediate supervisor is in Ohio.

I have the following annual passes:

You can usually find me at Universal Orlando on Sunday evenings, in full Wizarding World cosplay (Yes, I am a grown 48-year-old man with a $125 Ravenclaw robe, Severus Snape’s interactive wand, Ravenclaw cap, and face covering; these are my people). Fantasy worlds inspire me.

I like to watch rocket launches up close (thus the KSC pass). Space travel and technology inspire me. Launches I’ve seen so far:

Faith inspires me. I grew up Catholic, became a “born-again” Christian at the age of 14. My bachelor’s degree is in pastoral ministry but life happened and I never got to use it for much of anything. I believe faith needs to be both intimate and intelligent. I’m just as comfortable in a Catholic mass as in a pentecostal assembly. My neurodiversity does affect the way that I approach faith and how I interact with God on a daily basis.

Music inspires me. I’m constantly listening to it, and for several years I wrote a lot of my own. I still compose things every now and then, but when my wife passed I lost my muse. I need another one. Only kind I don’t like is most rap and the darkest forms of death metal.

I love animals. My current living situation in a tiny apartment doesn’t provide for having any of my own, but I grew up with dogs and cats and in the past I’ve had guinea pigs and ferrets of my own. (Ferrets are like toddlers on a gallon of Red Bull but they are so much fun.)

Outside of my geek gear, I’m pretty minimalist and low-maintenance. I live in a ~500 square-foot, one-bedroom apartment, with four IKEA tables, a book shelf, and an air mattress for furniture. That’s all I need.

I’m organized like crazy in my job, but at the threshold of my home, organization as mankind knows it ceases to exist. You may sometimes find it clean and shiny; you may sometimes walk onto the set of “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” Apparently that is an autistic trait of mine.

I have a very hard time sitting/standing still. Another autistic trait.

Anything else you wanna know? Just ask; the answer may end up here.